Why Our Auto Glass Technicians Are the Best

There are many companies in the Los Angeles auto glass industry. How do you know which one to choose? It’s a tricky decision, because it’s an unregulated industry and it can be hard to know who does good work.

One reason the Windshield Squad has thrived over the past two decades, is because we treat our customers’ cars like their our own. We know that the work we do is crucial to the safety of our customers, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Certified Technicians

While our industry is not heavily regulated, the Windshield Squad is licensed by the state of California, and requires that all of our technicians are highly experienced and certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council, one of the most respected bodies in the industry. (http://agsc.org/technician-certification/) as well as by Sika, a manufacturer of premium glass adhesive, which offers certifications for auto glass professionals.

Attention to Detail

Replacing a windshield means cutting out the old glass with a very sharp blade, removing the old gasket and adhesive that surrounds the existing glass, before putting the new piece in. To get a perfect seal on the new windshield that will keep out water and air for years to come, the new seal and adhesive must be installed perfectly. Our technicians want to do it right the first time, and leave our customers happy they hired us. So, they make sure it’s done right.


High Quality Parts

There are many manufacturers of auto glass and replacement windshields. It’s no surprise that the quality of the parts and the manufacturing process can vary from company to company. It’s important to replace your auto glass with Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) or Original Equipment Equivilant (OEE) parts, which have been manufactured either by the manufacturer who created your original part, or at least to meet the standards and specifications of the original part. Knowing which suppliers carry the best parts is one way a auto glass company brings value to your repair. Windshield Squad knows which manufactures make the highest quality parts, and which suppliers carry those parts for the lowest prices.

No Short Cuts

After decades of experience, we at the Windshield Squad have seen all kinds of dangerous and unbelievalbe repairs done by poorly trained technicians. Using incorrect or poor quality parts, or incorrect installation methods not only looks bad, but it can be very dangerous. Our technicians care about our customers and aren’t going to rush a job, or do shoddy work because they’re in a hurry.

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